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We offer a comprehensive range of services to solve all of your health & medical furnishing needs.

The complex problem of infection control is a focus of attention for specialised health care professionals. Cleaning routines are designed to prevent the spread of MRSA, E coli and other bacteria which can occur through direct and indirect contact. In the case of direct contact, personal hygiene is a very important factor. MRSA and other harmful bacteria can also be spread indirectly through contact with infected surfaces. In this respect the choice and care of furnishing fabrics in the hospital environment have important roles to play.
Vinyl coated fabrics are commonly used on furniture in hospitals. A key characteristic of vinyl surfaces, as opposed to most fabrics, is that they are hydrophobic. They do not absorb water, they do not retain dampness and they can be completely dried after washing. Research has confirmed that the viability of MRSA bacteria is greatly reduced in dry environments.
As a direct response to the challenge of infection control all production of Ambla contains an antimicrobial agent.
This is incorporated in to the vinyl formulation itself at the production stage. It is not a surface treatment and therefore retains its effectiveness after regular cleaning. Amongst other benefits it resists the development of mould and mildew and helps prevent musty or stale odours.


Our team of skilled upholsterers and seamstresses can transform your office furniture. We expertly handle a multitude of tasks including:

  • Fabric coverings (damaged, worn or outdated)
  • Foams (sagging, uncomfortable or rotten)
  • Springs
  • Webbing

Our experienced team can bring the quality and function of your chairs back to perfect working order in a number of ways including:

  • Tightening frames and joints
  • Repairing damaged seats and backs
  • Correcting broken or inoperative mechanisms and adjustments
  • Replacing/servicing gas lift cylinders
  • Fixing/replacing broken castors and feet

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